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HMAJ - Containers it's a container repair company from Lisbon - Portugal. 

 We repair all type of containers steel, aluminum, open top containers, flat racks and refrigerated containers.

Services offered include Inspection, chemical, steam, and water washing, container refurbishment, CSC inspections, and plate renewals. All inspections are carried out by IICL5 qualified inspectors and repairs are to IICL5 standards. Materials used are as per Industry specifications.

Pre-trip inspections and pre-cooling of reefers is offered as a service. The business also holds the agencies for various reefer manufacturers including Carrier, Thermo King, Starcool and Daiken. We are authorized to carry out warranty work under these agencies. All our reefer technicians have completed extensive training from the various agencies.

We transform any kind of containers further to your request : door, metallic curtain, isolation, paintings to your colours, air conditioning… And any other fittings suiting your needs and imagination. The only limit to containers transformations will be your budget. 

We provice repair and support of container forklist & bulldozer. 

Your operation is safe with us. We are the industry’s largest service provider, and the only one with a custom-made offering to meet all of your forklift tire service needs.

 We service the widest customer base in the global market, and we’re familiar with all types of forklift tire use. We keep you going by providing optimized service on site, on time, online.

For any further request, please contact us.

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