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Containers repairs & inspections
  • all maintenance, cleaning and repair work of all type of containers (DV, HC, OT, OS, RF, TK)

  • units inspections with IICL5 criteria and certification

  • units audit at depots

  • short repair time

  • enviromentally friendly container washing (closed water-cycle system)

  • no dangerous cargo cleaning

  • repair estimates with digital photos

  • computer dispatched estimates within 24 hours

  • flexitanks, linerbags and hangertainers installment

  • reefer inspection incl. PTI

  • reefer units repairs

  • tank containers regasketing, repairs, pressure tests

  • mobile repair service - dislocation to any place in order to survey and repair units

Containers transformations

We transform any kind of containers further to your request : door, metallic curtain, isolation, paintings to your colours, air conditioning… And any other fittings suiting your needs and imagination. The only limit to containers transformations will be your budget. 

Containers - Buy & Sale

We buy any container – Sell us your container – We bulk buy & sell containers.

Whether your old container is good condition or poor condition Containers 4 sale re pleased to make you an offer.

Buy a new or used container from us and trade in / part exchange your old container. We are always looking to purchase containers as well as selling and hiring a comprehensive range of shipping and storage containers.

Forklift & bulldozer support assistance 

Your operation is safe with us. We are the industry’s largest service provider, and the only one with a custom-made offering to meet all of your forklift tire service needs.

For the past 20 years, we’ve been a loyal partner to all material handling industries. We service the widest customer base in the global market, and we’re familiar with all types of forklift tire use. We keep you going by providing optimized service on site, on time, online.

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